Configuring the Desktop Toolbar for use with XenApp & XenDesktop

Recognize that toolbar? It’s the Desktop Toolbar and it’s pretty useful – when you’re using a Desktop resource. If you’re using a Seamless Published Application, it’s a nuisance if it’s not configured properly. And what’s properly? Configuring the Desktop Toolbar to only show with Desktop resources and not showing for published applications allowing them to run properly in Seamless Mode. To do this, follow these general steps.

  1. On your Web Interface server, backup the current configuration. I recommend copying the c:\inetpub\wwwroot\citrix\xenapp\ folder somewhere else for safekeeping.
  2. Edit your default.ica file and using the “;” symbol, comment out all instances of ConnectionBar=1. Don’t simply set it to 0 – it needs to be commented out.
  3. Edit your WebInterface.conf file, search for ShowDesktopViewer and set it to ShowDesktopViewer=On.
  4. Launch a XenDesktop session and it will appear, or launch a Seamless Application and it will function as intended.
You can be more granular with these settings by adding sections to your default.ica file containing headers of the published resource and setting that section to ConnetionBar=1. For example:

[Microsoft Outlook 2010]

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Roger Birong, Jr.

Roger Birong, Jr. is a Citrix Accredited Subject Matter Expert in Virtualization Technologies and a Citrix Certified Administrator for XenDesktop 3.0 Enterprise, XenApp 6.0, and XenServer 5.6. He has participated in the development of the Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer curriculum (A15 in 2009, A25 in 2011)and currently works as a Citrix Systems Engineer for a Citrix Partner in Jacksonville, FL.

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