XenApp and XenDesktop in a Single AMC

As an administrator of both XenDesktop and XenApp environments, I’m absolutely sick of multiple consoles. I’ve finally managed to easily integrate XenDesktop and XenApp administration into a single console (AMC). Unfortunately, we’re unable to integrate the “Presentation Server Console” that is still used for manging policies.

While alternative methods may exist, I know the following steps will work.

  1. On your XenDesktop 3.0 Media, run autorun.exe
  2. Select Install Optional Components.
  3. Install Management Consoles.
  4. Install XDE300AMC004 (Download here).
  5. Open the Access Management Console, you should see Desktop Delivery Controller in the left pane. If you do, you may continue.
  6. On your XenApp Media (I’m using 4.5 media) navigate to Administration\Access Management Console\Setup\
  7. Run ASC_PresentationServer.msi
  8. After following the prompts, you should now have Presentation Server as an option in the left tree below Desktop Delivery Controller.

If you also want other snap-ins you can find them on your media under Administration\Access Management Console\Setup\. There are snap-ins for Web Interface, etc. as well.

Published by

Roger Birong, Jr.

Roger Birong, Jr. is a Citrix Accredited Subject Matter Expert in Virtualization Technologies and a Citrix Certified Administrator for XenDesktop 3.0 Enterprise, XenApp 6.0, and XenServer 5.6. He has participated in the development of the Citrix Certified Enterprise Engineer curriculum (A15 in 2009, A25 in 2011)and currently works as a Citrix Systems Engineer for a Citrix Partner in Jacksonville, FL.

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